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Ice Cream


Your personalized cyborg experience

I was a kid obsessed with Barbies. And Sex. But I was also a kid living in a poor abusive family, who recieved no sex ed; only an early catholic baptism and later indoctrination into a Christian cult which taught me sex was dangerous, dirty, forbidden and not available to me or any of my Barbie playmates. This didn't stop my fantasy life; on the contrary it probably enhanced it.  I would role play with them, create houses, dungeons and elaborate play scenarios. I would dream of how they might live, what it would be like to be sexually expressive, creative and playful beings. I couldn't touch myself, but I could imagine the pleasure my dolls experienced... being wanted, chased, opened up and given access to a whole new world of adult pleasures. 


It wasn't until I was almost 30 that I began to have orgasms on a consistent basis. And still almost never with a partner, and never without toys. This journey to understanding who I am and what I like included becoming certified as a sex therapist and learning as much as I possible could about bodies, relationships, health and pleasure. I'm excited to share some of the things I've learned with you, and introduce you to some of my friends and colleagues who are doing amazing work too. 


Pleasure is available for everyone; it's a right and a gift. Let's find yours together.  
Palm Trees
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